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Getting Started

Our Helpful Guide 

If You Are Wanting To Watch Xtreme Live TV+ Your Way. Here's How.

Before You Get Started We Want To Share Some Helpful Tips To Ensure You Enjoy Our App Place with Ease.

How Much Do We Cost? 
A big question of determining if our App is a great way to watch live tv your way entertainment  investment. 
We/AGN Las Vegas Entertainment Xtreme Live TV+ value not just your time but your hard earnings. 
Our price is one cost for the App. It is a Monthly Subscription plan for $20.95, offering over thousands of Live TV Channels plus a bonus of Movies and Series. While others think On Demand are new releases, we provide new release content, past content and the shelved titles. We are the un-shelved place called Made In America Films and Series - AGN Content.
We respect the hard effort along side hard work of Film Makers whether its a low budget up to a high budget of films and series.

At AGN Las Vegas Xtreme Live TV+ is the greatest opportunity App to giving shelf life films a home to be seen, enjoyed, and shared. Plus other exclusive films and series that are hot off the press.

What Is Included In My (3) Three-Day Free Trial?

You have access to all the AGN Las Vegas Entertainment Xtreme Live TV+ Channels. If you only sign up to watch the PPV Live Events Channels at the time during any Live event showing taken place and you cancel immediately after the PPV Live event air and/or the next day, You will only be charged $20.95. We apologies for this due to thousand of subscribers are just subscribing during a PPV Live event then cancelling immediately after watching the PPV Live event. In order to help keep our service cost low with including PPV Live Events Channels, we will only bill a one time charge for $20.95. This only applies when the PPV Live Channels is viewed, interacted, watched and cancelled after the Live Event aired. Our sophisticated system is designed to verify when PPV Live Channels are being viewed during the PPV Live events and subscribers cancel immediately thereafter. Our services are designed to enjoy entertainment at its best. So, Yes you may cancel your subscription  before your trial period ends for any reason and not be charged except if you are watching PPV Live Channels during Live Scheduled Events. We are only doing our best to manage the PPV Live Events Channels to avoid having to block these channels during the 3 days Free Trial and give access to all channels. So if you sign up during the PPV Live Events while they are Broadcasting/ and\or Airing, to watch the PPV Live Events Channels, no worries, we welcome you to enjoy the PPV Live Events Channels during your 3-day trial period for a one time cost of $20.95. You may cancel immediately thereafter or stay as a subscriber and have unlimited access to all the available PPV Live Events Channels as well as the other Xtreme Live TV+ channels | Movies | Series at your fingertip. 
Do We Offer A Free Trial?

Yes. Our Free Trial period is a three-day period to have access to thousands of Live TV Channels, PPV Channels, AGN Channel, Made in America Films and Series. Watch Your Favorite Shows and Save Your Favorite Shows - Favourite Profile.

Once Your 3 day Free Trial Period is sponged, You May Continue With Your Subscription or Cancel. If You Cancel, No Worries, You will not be charged. But you must sign up with a valid payment account. We accept most credit cards, paypal, or a manual payment to get you on your way to watch tv your way, is the best way. Remember to download our App is always free.

Where is AGN Las Vegas Xtreme Live TV+ Reach?
A good question. Our reach is North America, Central America, Latin America, Africa-Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Canada and the Caribbean, Europe. We are forever growing. Make sure we are in your region before subscribing to our App.
Can You use AGN Las Vegas away from home.

Absolutely. When You Travel, You Take The App with You on Your iOS or Android phone. On The Go, Flying From State to State, or International Travel, We Are At Your Finger Tips. You Must Have Wi Fi Connection, unfortunately it is not included, but you are.

AGN Las Vegas Xtreme Live TV+ supporting devices. 

Mobile devices and tablets. 

  • Apple iOS and iPads

  • Android phones and tablets

  • Fire tablet

Smart TVs.

You may use an HDMI cable to connect and stream AGN Las Vegas Xtreme Live TV+ to your TV using your iOS, Android, tablet which you may mirror to your Smart TVs. We are working hard to have the available App on the Smart TVs, Roku and many other devices.

To enjoy the highest quality experience all components, including HDMI cables, must be compatible with high-bandwidth digital content.

Will My Subscription Price Increase?
Prices will not change once you sign up. Your price remains the same at the sign up price.
Do You Offer Referral Currency or Free Month?
Our promotions are being developed to keep our subscription services low. We will keep in mind of future referral offerings.
How Do I Get Started?
Ready to sign up for AGN Las Vegas Xtreme Live TV+? Before you do so, make sure you have operating system, iOS, Android (available Apple Store, Play Store) and a valid method of payment. Other devices may be available.
How Do I Sign Up for AGN Las Vegas Xtreme Live TV+?

You can sign up on agnxtremelivetv.com from a web browser on your desktop or mobile device, or by downloading the AGN Las Vegas Entertainment App. It is absolutely your choice. 

How do I manage my subscription? 


You can make changes to your subscription or edit your account information directly from your account page on agnxtremelivetv.com. If you signed up for AGN Xtreme Live TV+ through a third-party, please note that subscription management is done directly through them. 

How do I located the AGN Promo AD Videos, Upcoming Films & Series? 

Once You are a Subscriber you will be able to access the AGN Promo AD Videos under My Subscriptions located at the top of the page. Click on Let's Go to AGN Promo Ad Videos, Upcoming Films & Series.. 

What's Included in the Subscription?

A subscription includes access to the entire Live TV Channels library, AGN Channel, Made in America Films and Series, On Demand AGN Exclusive Films and Series, Sports Channels, PPV Channels, Kids Channels, PBS Channels, Premium Channels, News and Weather Channels, USA Local Channels, Adult (18+) Channels, Music, Int'l Channels, Entertainment Channels, EPG TV Guide, catchup and playback feature, unlimited Time Watching, and features like Multiple Screens features on Android devices so you can enjoy Multiple Screens of your favorite shows.


Your subscription allows in your home simultaneous streams across multiple supported devices.  Just download the App. 

May I Change My Profile?
Once you’re signed up, you can create up to two users profiles on your account and manage them from your preferred supported device. 

Are any parental controls available on AGN Las Vegas Xtreme Live TV+? 


We offers parental controls like profile PIN protection and Content Ratings to ensure young viewers are watching children-friendly.   content.